Friday Sew-Along for Beginners: Use a Woven Fabric in a Kimono Knit Dress Pattern, Part 3

Sewing is about the journey, right? And so often I learn more from my mistakes–call me the queen of the workarounds. So, I was a little too confident and made a mistake. It was one that I always warn others about, but of course I didn't take my own advice. What was that advice? Make a muslin! Yes, I got a little too cocky and thought that I would just pattern-fit myself, but I didn't take into account the turn of cloth for the French seams and ease, and my bodice is  too small! Live and learn, right? To my credit, I did have the good sense to check the bodice before attaching the skirt, and I have spend all week thinking of a good solution, other than holding my breath while wearing the dress. 

Hopefully you did as I said and not as I did. But I do have a workaround. It's just may take me a little longer to finish, and that's my journey. 


Step 10 Step 11 Step 12
Step 13
     Below, kimono-style dress as featured in Absolute Beginners
e-Book, above.

Step 10: For my workaround, I am going to draft two panels to insert at the center back. There will be two strips the length of the bodice. I got the width of the panels by measuring around my rib cage just below the bust. (This is where the bodice bottom edge is.) I subtract the difference between my measurement and my garment's and divide by two.

Step 11: I draft the panel pattern with seam allowances. I have a 1 inch allowance at the center back for fitting. I don't want to have too little again. It's much easier to subtract than add! My hope is that the print's busy print will camouflage the panel seam line.

Step 12: I have to underline the panels too.

Step 13: I also French seamed the panels when I attached them to the bodice center back.

Next week we will get back to the business of finishing the dress. I tried on the bodice and the self-lined charmeuse feels amazing. I think I will line the skirt as well. 

Download the Absolute Beginners e-Book from the Sew Daily Shop and start your kimono dress project, and other modern, easy projects today.  To get started on the dress, see Part 1 and Part 2 of the sew along.

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