Friday Sew-Along for Beginners: Use a Woven Fabric in a Kimono Knit Dress Pattern, Part 1

Converting a knit patttern into a woven is not something I would normally recommend for anyone, especially beginners. Knit patterns are made without ease or darts, and presume that you are using fabric that will mold to your figure. Woven patterns need ease, darts, and grainlines. But we have a knit dress pattern in the new Absolute Beginners pattern e-Book that I am dying to use a favorite fabric from my stash on . It's the Kimono-Sleeve A-Line Dress by Charise Randell. I just want to say up front that this is a big experiment on my part as well, and I hope you will join me! We will discover how to convert the pattern to woven sizing and add closures and a lining. Note: This is an advanced beginner twist on a beginner pattern, but I think you are up for the challenge.

Step 1: I have long loved this fabric. It feels like a fine silk charmeuse, but a quick burn test told the truth of its polyester origins. I am planning to self-line the bodice. I don't have enough yardage to line the skirt, so I think I will use a pretty silk lining from my stash.

Step 1: Choose fabric. Step 2: Convert pattern. Step 3: Add center
back seam.


Kimono-style dress from Absolute Beginners

Step 2: Because I am converting a knit pattern to a woven I am going up a size (from small to medium) to add the ease I will need for the dress. Because it's very loose, I don't have to worry about the fitting issues of a snug knit garment. I checked the pattern on me to get an idea of size, but I recommend that you make a muslin of the bodice to test the size on you. (P.S. This dress pattern comes in plus sizes, too!)

Step 3: Before cutting, I added a 1/2 inch CB seam allowance to the back bodice and skirt so that I can put a zipper in. This will add a center back seam to the back pieces; I will not be cutting on the fold.

I am going to give you the chance to download the Absolute Beginners e-Book so you can get the dress pattern and instructions, and get your fabric ready. Next week we will jump right into laoyut and construction.

Amber Eden

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