Common Sewing Ground: Where Mother and Daughter Meet in Peace

My mother joined my husband and me on a recent vacation to Cape Cod, and I have to say, that while I love my mother (need to be careful as she reads every blog!) … we don't always agree. In fact, we rarely agree, except when it comes to sewing.

  Sewing on vacation? It can be done,
but eating lobster comes first!

I think of my mother as an opposite-sayer. Whatever I say, she says the opposite. I am sure that she thinks the same of me. What is even more strange, it that everyone tells me that we are like two peas in  a pod.

The decision to join the trip was a last-minute impulse, driven most by the fact that my nieces were joining us as well. Wherever grandchildren go, my mother is likely to follow.

Knowing that all three generations would be together, and that we would be driving a large SUV just begging to be filled with stuff, I decided to bring both my sewing machine and my serger, as well as my sewing kit and some projects.

I love to sew while I'm on vacation, and I remember clearly one flight to Padre Island where my sewing machine would fit neither under the seat, nor in the overhead bin, and I definitely wasn't checking this prized item.  When the attendant came through to see if the aisles were clear, I had to hide the machine beneath my feet and an artfully draped airline blanket. Don't even ask what happened at the security checkpoint. It goes without saying that my husband pretended he didn't know me for the trips to and fro.  

That was the last time I took a sewing machine on a flight, but wherever we drive, the machine goes. This time around my goals were to have my mother show me how to use a serger I had inherited, and perhaps do some sewing with my nieces.

It took some determination as vacations are fraught with distractions like snoozing in the hammock and taking long morning walks. But one morning before she left, we pulled out the serger, she looked at the directions and then ignored them, and hooked me up. I don't have the same instinct for machinery that she does, so this was accomplished with some annoyed exclamations on her part, but I endured and persevered and can now use my serger. This will open up a whole new world of quickly finished garments.

The second goal of sewing with my nieces was preempted by the birth of my nephew very early on the morning of the Fourth of July. My nieces had spent the night and there was much celebrating in the wee hours, so that we slept through our designated sewing time. Not to mention that my pre-teen nieces now sleep 12 hours at least, because, as they explained to me, they are growing.

We did however purchase some pretty, gauzy cotton fabric for pinafores that I had planned to sew. Fabric and the pattern went home with my mother, and now the pinafores are on her plate. All in all it was worthwhile to lug the machines with us, even if one never saw the light of day. And the memories of serging and fabric shopping will be intertwined with the joy of welcoming a new family member on one of the year's best birthdays.

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Do you ever travel with your sewing machine? I would love to hear your tales!

Happy stitching!



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5 thoughts on “Common Sewing Ground: Where Mother and Daughter Meet in Peace

  1. We recently moved from New Jersey to Tennessee and while looking for the new home my daughter got engaged. So feeling helpless so far away I agreed to make the weeding gown. So my last trip north included a muslin of the dress made to her measurements, a sewing machine, serger and a kit full of supplies.While there we made a trip to NYC garment district to find the most beautiful lace I have ever seen. (It was a great and successful trip!)
    Packed to come back to TN was the muslin marked with the changes, 4 yard of lace, 4 yards of satin and enough material to alter the 7 brides maids dresses. Thankfully I was not starting from scratch on those. That was in April of this year, my next trip north is tomorrow, I am only bringing a small sewing kit, no machines, but all 7 dresses are done and the bridal gown is complete and headed north with me. The shower is on Saturday, so I will have all 7 bridesmaids and my daughter together and fitted. I will start on the flower girl dress when I get back next week. I truly feel like a traveling seamstress these last few months!

  2. I sometimes travel locally in Southern California, from LA to San Diego, with SM and a hand sewing kit. To earn reduced ticket price to costumed events (such as Comic Con) I volunteer for the ’emergency repair station”. Have been able to help repair some wonderful costumes, learn new ideas, share tips, meet people in the hobby, too.

    I no longer take my SMs or Sergers on vacation, but might take a handsewing project to work on, or knitting.


  3. When my daughters were in grade school, we’d plan a mother/daughters summer trip to my folks’ lake cabin. We’d divide all the meal prep (cook/dishes/set, clear table) into a hat and draw our responsibilities so there was no griping. Then, while the kids played outside I’d sew at least one outfit for each of them. I haven’t asked them recently what they thought of those long ago vacations, but I loved them! We had good times, no griping, and we all got something to take home, whether it was memories or a new outfit. Insert happy sigh here.

  4. This summer I have traveled from TX to VA in an RV with my SM. I plan to spend the summer in VA sewing aprons and quilts. I am staying out in the country and will have days to myself! I hope to get inspired!

  5. I always take something to sew when I go away, but I have never even thought of taking a machine with me. But I am lucky to have 2 . My second machine I keep at our summer house.
    P.S. I don’t always do any actual sewing while I’m away!