Three Great Tips for Making Summer Bags

Summer is the season of the bag and the Stitch team has produced a new eBook that has 9 lovely bag patterns and a ton of great techniques and tips. Here are three great tricks from Katrina Loving on how to make your bag sturdier: 

Keep an eye on areas
where the bag gets more use.

Consider the Stress Points

Think about how your bag will be used. Will you be toting heavy loads? Will you be storing the bag by hanging it from a hook? Make sure that your stitching is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Here are some techniques to strengthen your tote:

1)  Double stitch (stitch the first seam, then stitch again within the seam allowance, 1⁄16"-1⁄8" from the first seam line) and/or topstitch seams (catching the seam allowances in the stitching) to add strength. Try using a contrasting thread to make topstitching an eye-catching design element.

2) To attach exposed straps or handles, topstitch a square on the strap/handle, then topstitch an X shape through the middle of the square.

3) Bartack or use a short zigzag stitch at the top corners of patch pockets to reinforce the attachment.

For more great patterns for summer bags that are sure to tickle your fancy, plus ideas and tactics for bag construction, check out the Bags You Will Love to Sew eBook in the Sew Daily Shop.

Do you have a favorite tip for sewing bags? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!




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