Learn how to sew a bag for every occasion. With bag sewing patterns, designs and instructions you’ll find the perfect purse, handbag, and tote pattern for your needs.


Sewing My Own Bag Versus Buying One

I am one of those people who is a bag person. I’ve got bags to bring groceries home in, bags for the beach, bags to tote dog supplies in, handbags for daily use, and more. Surprisingly, I haven’t transferred my love of bags into sewing bags. My new laundry hamper. In part, because, I really…


Three Great Tips for Making Summer Bags

Summer is the season of the bag and the Stitch team has produced a new eBook that has 9 lovely bag patterns and a ton of great techniques and tips. Here are three great tricks from Katrina Loving on how to make your bag sturdier:  Keep an eye on areaswhere the bag gets more use.…