Make a Cool Embellished Star T-Shirt

We are kind of crafty geeky at the Sudbury office and every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m., we have a show-and-tell, where we share whatever project we have been working on. Well, last  week, Jenn Mason from the Mixed Media team brought in this awesome T-shirt that she had embellished with fabric stars for her Fourth of July outfit.

Jenn's fab star T-shirt.

So easy!

Jenn is an artist who loves sewing. Because of her art background, her approach to her sewing is very creative (she makes her own designs), while also elegantly simple. The result is always fabulous and this project was a home-run in my opinion.

She bought a plain navy T-shirt and then cut out some stars from old  T-shirts that her daughter had worn to camp last summer. She backed the stars with stars cut from netting in a slight larger shape, so that it created a cool silhouetted effect. Then she put one star on top of the other and pinned strategically and just stitched the stars down.

If the project took more than an hour, I would be shocked, but the final product was an amazing embellished T-shirt that rivals anything you could buy at a designer boutique. I just love it. She paired it with a red skirt and made quite the patriotic fashion statement on the Fourth. Stunning and easy!

There are so many quick ways to add a unique handmade touch to your wardrobe, and I hope that this one inspires you. Jenn also mentioned that with sturdier T-shirt, she would try a reverse appliqué design.

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Do you have fun ways to embellish your garments and accessories? Do tell!

Happy stitching!

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2 thoughts on “Make a Cool Embellished Star T-Shirt

  1. Love the starred T-shirt. I embellish lots of clothes for my friend’s kids , to cover small tears and stains from drawing etc.
    When she’s throwing out old clothes I check them over for any appliqued logos etc, whcih I can use in future – especially favourite characters!