The Scarf Really is the Perfect Accessory to Sew

It's that in-between time in sewing, when the cold weather really hasn't started full on, and it's not warm enough to keep pulling the summer duds out of the closets for daily wear

What's not to love about a scarf?


I guess that's why they call the clothes that we wear this time of year a "transition wardrobe." Take what I'm wearing today: a pair of black jeans with open-toed flats. One item will carry me through winter, and the other won't last me another month before they go away for the season.

Perhaps the most brilliant transition wardrobe item of all is the scarf. The truth is that I wear scarves looped around my neck all year long. In summer, I have a light, gauzy seafoam scarf that seems to go with just about everything and takes me from air conditioning to summer's heat without breaking a sweat.

There's something so innately protective, and multifunctional about a scarf. It warms your throat, but can turn into a carryall in a second. It is both decorative and practical. To my mind, it's a perfect article of clothing.

Fall is really the time that the scarves come out. You can take just about any warm weather outfit and add a scarf and presto, instant transition. I don't know why I don't think of sewing scarves more often, because they couldn't be easier, and I do love them so.

If you are looking for some fall transition wardrobe projects, including a great scarf, check out the Fall Bundle Sewing Kit in the Sew Daily Shop.

What is your favorite cozy clothing item to sew? Do you prefer to sew warm or cold-weather clothing? I would love to know.

Happy stitching

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3 thoughts on “The Scarf Really is the Perfect Accessory to Sew

  1. I love to sew for our California weather…because it’s mild most of the time, I can have a wardrobe that is year-round. I love to wear and sew skirts, and with my two favorite patterns I have a nice collection that works all the time. I just add tights ,a sweater, and boots when it’s colder and I’m ready to go.

  2. Thank you for the post. I appreciate people who appreciate scarves! I have a nice collection of scarves–both bought and made. For the last two months, I wear only solid colors–no prints. This has greatly simplified my wardrobe and increased the value of my scarves to provide a splash of color and interest. I, too, wear them year round except during the hottest part of a Boise summer. The best buy ever was three scarves for $10 in Chinatown in San Francisco.