Sewing Embellishments: 3 Free Patterns Using Embroidery, Applique, and Other Fabric Embellishment Techniques

Pretty Cat, Baby Bear + Mini Mouse
Stepping Stones Pot Holder

One of the most wonderful things about embellishments is that they can be applied to a project you have created or a store-bought item. Embellishment techniques let you to be as creative as you want to be, and they add a personalized, handmade touch to any item. In this Sewing Embellishments eBook, you will find three pretty projects that will expand your skills in all directions, from hand embroidery to appliqué to beading.

Collage Wrap Skirt

The Pretty Cat, Baby Bear + Mini-Mouse patterns by Heidi Boyd allow you to create a trio of cuddly playmates while also building your skills in embroidery and adding decorative details. Their expressive faces are fashioned from felted sweaters and simple embroidery, while colorful cotton print bodies make these huggables nursery-ready.

The Stepping-Stones Pot Holder by Kevin Kosbab lends an elegant and earthy touch to your kitchen, and you'll learn a way to appliqué when securing the fused felt circles with a blanket stitch. Those wool "stones" aren't just for show-they also add an extra layer of protection from heat for your table. This is a win-win project: beautiful, functional, and instructional.

Venture into garment construction with the Collage Wrap Skirt by Stitch founding editor Tricia Waddell. A simple wrap skirt (no fitting!) employs a freehand collage of hand embroidery, beading, and appliqué for a one-of-a-kind design. Combine these techniques with different textured fabrics, and you have skirt that will travel from day to night with aplomb.

Once you get started with embellishment, I think you will truly fall in love with it for the boundless possibilities you can bring to the techniques. These projects will get you started embellishing, and from there, the sky is the limit.

Happy stitching!

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