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Style a Garment Project with the Right Accessory

As soon as I finish sewing a new garment, the first thing I ask is "what do I have to go with it"? The perfect scarf or bag can complete an outfit, and we all know the frustration of looking for just the right accessory and not being able to find it in the store. So we created an eBook with bag and scarf sewing patterns, yours for FREE!

The Art of Sewing Accessories: Free Purse Sewing Patterns, Bag Sewing Patterns, and Scarf Sewing Patterns

Silk + Pearls Clutch 

Waterfall Scarf

Mosaic Scarf

Sashiko Saddlebag


The perfect outfit needs the perfect accessory, and what could be better than sewing those accessories yourself to customize them to your outfit? Sewing accessories is easy and quick, making them the perfect small project to sew in an afternoon and wear out that night. They are also a great way to practice embellishment and handsewing techniques. And they make great gifts!

We have collected some of our favorite handbag sewing patterns and scarf patterns to get your creativity flowing. These free purse sewing patterns and scarf patterns each have a little twist to them to make them interesting to sew and stylish to wear. You probably already know how to sew a scarf, but making that scarf unique with machine embroidery and fabric manipulation takes it above your basic scarf. And add­ing sashiko stitching, patchwork, fabric flowers, or beading takes sewing purses to a whole new level.

Silk + Pearls Clutch: This luxurious silk clutch features elegant fabric flower embellishment with freshwater pearl ac­cents, making this one of our favorite purse sewing patterns. This would be perfect for a night out on the town.

Waterfall Scarf: A silk douppioni scarf gets a creative twist with shirred and ruffled edges allowing you to sculpt the ends in unique ways. It's an easy way to dress up a simple shirt or dress.

Mosaic Silk Scarf: Play with fabric and metallic thread in this scarf featuring silk fabric squares and fringe. Design it with fabric in contrasting colors or experiment with subtle color changes throughout the scarf.

Sashiko Saddlebag: Get creative with Japanese hand­stitching (sashiko) and Asian print accents in this double-pouch flannel bag. I promise you will get lots of compliments when you carry this stylish yet roomy bag.

You'll love making these scarf and bag sewing patterns and have fun customizing them in your own unique way. So download our free eBook, pull out some fabric, and get started sewing accessories today!

Happy Sewing!


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