6 Quilting Tips for Beginners PLUS 5 Projects to Sew

quilting tipsIf you’re looking to dip your toe into piecing and quilting, Sew It All 12 is a great starting place. These projects were hand-picked to be beginner friendly and sew up quickly, while also making the most of your scraps and stash fabrics. Even better: this issue of Sew It All includes a reference section that explains binding, applique and Sashiko basics. Practice the techniques used in the projects and give the finished items as gift! First, let’s start with some piecing and quilting tips.

Piecing & Quilting Tips

  • It’s possible to use any fabric for piecing (which makes it perfect for scraps and stash busting!), but most quilts are made from basic even-weave quilting cotton, which is very stable and easy to stitch.
  • Most piecing is done with 1/4” seam allowances, which are wide enough to prevent raveling but narrow enough to not require trimming
  • Opposed to garment construction, press pieced seams  to one side, often toward the darker fabric. Press the seam in one direction to distribute bulk and protect the seam.
  • Precise cutting is super important with any piecing or quilting project. A rotary cutting system – including a rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat – is a must-have for accurate cutting and measuring.
  • Traditionally, quilts and quilted items consist of a backing fabric, inner batting later and a quilt top. You have lots of options when actually quilting the materials together. Stitch-in-the-ditch is a good beginner-friendly option: simply stitch over each pieced seam.
  • Binding is the preferred method to enclose raw seams on a quilt or quilted item. Cut binding strips on the bias for maximum stretch and flexibility around curves or corners and join the strips together at a 45% angle.

Beginner-Friendly Patchwork Projects

A pieced item is a great way to practice quilting techniques before you jump into a full-size quilt project. These projects from Sew It All 12 will allow you to get started and learn a variety of quilting and piecing techniques.

Featuring a simple pieced inset strip and channel quilting along the pouch back, Case in Point is the perfect starting place. And it’s super cute!

quilting tips

Give freeform piecing a try – with repurposed men’s shirts! – and learn some basic Sashiko stitching with the Artful Apron project. Perfection is not the key in this project – enjoy the process!

quilting tips

The Piece Meal lunch bag features easy piecing – plus, you’ll be an expert at binding after you sew this one up!

quilting tips

The Typographic Tote only looks complicated! The piecing is easy and the bag construction is very straightforward – you’ll have a project you can tote and show off your new skills in no time! Total stash buster, too!

quilting tips

If you’re ready for an adventure, get acquainted with curved piecing with the Inner Circle table runner. This project is a perfect scrap buster – and the perfect colorway for fall!

quilting tips

Take a closer look at these projects and more (23 projects total!) in the new issue of Sew It All, available now!

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