The Editor's Eye: What it Takes to Become a Magazine Project

In just a couple of weeks, I will be heading to Quilting Live in Atlanta, Ga. This blockbuster quilting event on September 11-13 brings the love of quilting to life with classes, make-it centers, stage presentations, and the latest tools, fabrics, books, DVDs, and more to buy.

Alexia Abegg's Diamond Pieced Kitchen Set will be travelling to Quilting Live.  

I will be doing a stage presentation myself, a trunk show called "The Editor's Eye", where I will talk about what it takes to develop projects for Stitch magazine and Modern Patchwork. Right now, I'm in the process of selecting what to take with me from the various issues we are working on.

For instance, we are just finishing up the photo shoot for Modern Patchwork Winter 2015, so that's a no-brainer to grab a few quilts to take with me to the show. And then, of course, Stitch Fall 2014 is out on the newsstands now, and I will definitely be taking some of those projects with me, starting with the Cotton + Steel Diamond Pieced Kitchen Set by Alexia Abegg that's been made into a Stitch kit and the Dots and Dashes Pillow by Linda Lee.

It's not easy to choose between all of the great items that are sent into the magazine. Each one has a story, and I will be telling the tale of a few of those that end up in my suitcase and travel to Atlanta. Each project really is a star and at one time, we would send them back to their creators and they would go into homes, closets, or storage, I am so glad that I am able to take some of these projects out on the road so that people can see them up close and hear how they came to be.

I hope you can join me in Atlanta at Quilting Live. In the meantime, check out some of the stars from Stitch Fall 2014 by ordering this great issue in the Sew Daily Shop.

Do you have an all time favorite project from Stitch magazine? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!




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