Stitch Summer 2015 Patterns

stitch magazine downloadable patterns by issue. Patterns not printed on the pattern insert can be found here, complete with printing and assembly instructions.


FALL 2015



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13 thoughts on “Stitch Summer 2015 Patterns

    1. Hi misspiggy, the Japanese Inspired Tote was in the Fall 2015 issue of Stitch, so if you click the link above for Fall 2015, the Japanese Inspired Tote pattern is available there. Thanks for reading!

    1. We are working on the problem. Many have gone missing when we moved over to the new website, and we’re tracking down the originals so we can reload.

  1. Hi! I have the same problem with the Fall 2014 pattern insert. The link inside the digital magazine says page not found. Where can I download the patter insert? I was a subscriber of Stitch digital edition and I fear to have the same problem with all Stitch issues….
    Thank you!

    1. Is this for a specific pattern, or all of them. If there is one specific (Or multiple) I can send you a link for the patterns. Just let me know which ones!

  2. Hi Jill, I’m sorry but I’ve read your message only today….
    I was looking for the pattern insert of Fall 2014 issue. In particular I’m interested in the Rustic Elegance Handbag pattern.
    Thank you!

  3. Just in case you can help even with other pattern, I’d like to have the following patterns:
    – Rustic elegance handbag (Fall 2014 pattern insert)
    – Sweet and easy spring handbag (Spring 2015 pattern insert)
    – Mod beach tote (Summer 2015 pattern insert)
    – Laurel canyon bag (Summer 2015 pattern insert)
    Thank you very much Jill!