Stitch Spring Patterns Have Sprung!

Every year on her birthday, my grandma would say two things: "Time marches on," and "Time waits for no one." In other words, "Holy cow, where the heck did the time go?"

It seems like ages ago we were knee deep (more like neck deep) in snow and thinking spring would never, ever come, and now we're rubbing our hands in anticipation of summer! I've got beach trips, barbecues and baseball on my brain. But, I'd be lying if I didn't say that fall is in the back of my mind, too. It's like with each new season, I can't help but think of weather's fleeting nature and how the next season is just around the corner. So, my mission for the next couple weeks is to mentally halt time and relish these final spring moments, because really, isn't spring the best season? The relief that winter is done, with summer to look forward to–I wish I could bottle up that anticipatory, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling and save it forever.

Helping me pump the brakes on summer and fall are the Stitch Spring '15 patterns, now in the Sew Daily shop! Stitch Spring '15 is the first issue of Stitch I ever worked on, so it holds an extra-special place in my heart, but the patterns are just so lighthearted and fun, easy breezy and not fussy. I love the sense of humor and charm the patterns have, like the Atomic Placemats by Kevin Kosbab and Halter Top Meets High-Waisted Shorts by Emily Li Mandri. So adorable, yes?

If I'm being realistic, my beginners skills are more suited to the Double Gauze Baby Blanket by Rashida Coleman-Hale. There I go again, talking about sewing for babies, but that blanket would make a great gift. I also wouldn't mind stashing that blanket under my desk for a power nap (but you didn't hear that!)…

Check out your favorite patterns from Stitch Spring '15, and get a copy of the issue too, in the Sew Daily shop. Let me know what you love, and happy sewing!


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