Stitch Fall 2015 is here!

Drumroll please…keep drumming…wait for it…


Cue the happy face emojis, because Stitch Fall 2015 is in the house! Hooray!

Oh Stitch Fall 2015, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  1. The projects. Oh my goodness, these projects. They are gorgeous, y'all. The Far East theme throughout this issue is just stunning, if I say so myself. The colors are rich and intense, and there are so many sweet details to these projects that grab my attention every time I look at them. As God as my witness, I will do enough squats to have the legs for Emily Li Mandri's Origami Wool Skirt.
  2. The artists. This issue has one talented crew: Amy Barickman, Heidi Boyd, Kevin Kosbab, Caroline Hulse, Alexia Abegg, Deborah Fisher, Katrina Walker, Mags Kandis…and that's just a handful of them! We've got work from Stitch favorites and some exciting new faces, too. Check 'em out!
  3. The (in-house) artists. Our very own technical editor Eliane Pinto wrote our Technique Spotlight article, her first Stitch article ever! Let me tell you, this girl could sew two paper sacks together and make it The Next Big Thing, so you'll want to learn about just how she creates in her article, "Finding Inspiration from Within." Our fearless leader Amber Eden also got the scoop from Cathe Holden for her article, "A Modest Proposal," and the always-wonderful contributing editor Linzee Kull McCray sat down with Amy Butler for our artist profile. Go team!
  4. The videos. While we're mentioning Amy Butler and Cathe Holden, we've got videos series coming out this fall from Amy, Cathe, AND Tula Pink. #enoughsaid #micdrop #bowdown #boom
  5. The youngsters. There's a lot of talk out there about the decline of home economics corresponding with a decline in sewing amongst kids, teens, and young adults. This issue proves that isn't the case. We've got an interview with 16-year-old designer Cecilia Cassini, unofficially known as The World's Youngest Fashion Designer. She asked for a sewing machine when she was six years old (six!) and now she's whipping up dresses for celebrities like Sofia Vergara. We've also got an article from longtime contributor Kathy Augustine about the annual Make It With Wool competition. Kathy's daughter Gabrielle came in fifth in the senior division at this year's contest, and won an exemplary construction award, yay! We're happy to report that sewing is alive and well in the next generation.
  6. The kits. Is there anything more convenient than a project kit? We have four in this issue, including a garment kit from Alexia Abegg with her latest fabric for Cotton+Steel (look for that one later this fall). Other project kits are the Sweet Metal Frame Clutch by Caroline Hulse (watch the instructional video here), the Shibori and Sashiko Decorative Pillow by Georgia Howell, and the Spice Road Quilt by Kevin Kosbab (soundtrack from "Aladdin" not included…but it will get stuck in your head if you're anything like me) — get them from the Sew Daily shop later this month.
  7. The quilts. Speaking of Kevin's quilt, we've got two more in this issue, the Simple Lines quilt by Deborah Fisher, and the Foxy Baby Quilt by Heidi Boyd. Deborah's quilt is a wonderful modern quilting project. It's such a bold and refreshing take on quilting that I instantly fell in love with it. Heidi's baby quilt is using her debut fabric collection from Red Rooster, and it's great for beginners such as myself (and y'all know I've got a lot of baby gifts on my plate). 
  8. The dolls. And, speaking of Deborah Fisher, her other project in this issue, the Autumn Doll, may be the cutest little doll I've ever seen. I had the pleasure of interviewing Deborah for this issue about her new charity, Bo Twal, which is providing needy children in Haiti with handmade dolls. Make Deborah's Autumn Doll, then try your hand at her Bo the Bunny design for Bo Twal, you'll be sewing for a good cause.
  9. Did I mention the projects? Well I'm counting them twice, they're that nice.
  10. The motto. Stitch is still all about creating with fabric and thread, but we're all about balancing quilting and sewing, too. Stitch got its start in the quilting community, and we're paying tribute to them with the cover line, "Modern projects to quilt + sew." We really are the modern sewing magazine with quilters in mind. We've got quilts, projects that use quilting cottons and techniques, and we've got projects that are perfect quilters looking to forge new territory. There's something for everyone in Stitch, so c'mon y'all, group hug!


If you can't tell, we are beyond ecstatic to share this issue with you. Get your copy while it's hot here in the Sew Daily shop, and let us know what you think! Share your thoughts in the comments below, and share your creations with the hashtag #StitchFall15 — we can't wait to see them!



P.S. I forgot reason No. 11 why this issue is awesome: my mom says so.

Aren't moms the best? I just love mine!


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