How to Choose a Magazine Cover

Every issue of Stitch magazine needs a cover and making and choosing that cover is always quite a process. First we have to select a few projects from the issue that will be shot as covers. Not an easy decision. It's sort of like a beauty pageant where every contestant is more lovely than the next.

I take my own pictures of every project at
the photo shoot for reference. This is
Diane Gilleland's Electric Harlequin Tote.

From there we photograph the candidates at the photo shoot and then winnow it down to two to three choices. We treat all final choices equally, but secretly all of us on the editorial and art team have our favorites. Once the final covers are done we post them on a wall, and everyone in the Sudbury office stands around and casts their vote. Then it's off to our home office in Loveland for the final decision.

One reason this is on my mind is that we just chose the cover for our Spring 2014 issue yesterday. I always take snapshots at the shoot, and I was looking back at my pics to see if the star quality of our final cover choice was there from the beginning. I can't show you the real cover shot yet, so you'll have to make do with mine!

As you can see from the my candid shot at left, the Electric Harlequin Tote by Diane Gilleland is certainly a stunner and from the very moment we pulled it out of the box, I was enthralled by its whimsical quality. But what looks good in person does not at the end of the day always make a cover, and as I mentioned before, there's no shortage of gorgeous projects at the Stitch office.

I think that what captures me most in this project, whether I am holding it in my hand or looking at it on a cover, is the delicate pattern of stars handstitched in the diamonds. Any project, no matter what it is, can always be taken to the next level by sewing a few embroidery stitches , and while this tote would be appealing enough with the shimmery diamond pattern alone, the embroidery stitches add that perfect punctuation.

But then again, with so many beautiful projects to choose from, you never really know until the end, what that perfect formula is for becoming a cover project.

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Do you have a favorite Stitch cover? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!


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2 thoughts on “How to Choose a Magazine Cover

  1. My favorite cover is the button tote. I subscribe to STITCH and look forward to
    every copy. Since the DVD by Linda Lee is advertised on the same page as
    your query about favorite covers, I want to ask, does this dvd come with a pattern?
    She describes methods for making each piece in great detail. I just wondered if
    I missed something. The DVD is great! Thanks, Shirley