How do I LOVE Stitch? Let me count the ways …

Stitch is a magazine that gets a lot of love letters. I am not just talking about tepid comments on the latest issue. I mean passionate, embracing letters from readers declaring their LOVE for Stitch magazine.

Stitch Summer 2014

When I walk around Quilt Market or attend an industry event or talk with a contributor on the phone, that’s the word  I always hear: LOVE!

Love is a powerful word, and in all my decades as a magazine editor, it’s not one I have heard with such passion for a publication. So it’s no wonder why I would jump at the chance to work for such a beloved darling.

But, of course, as editor I am curious about what evokes this passion, because I certainly have an interest in perpetuating it. I have my theories, but I also love Stitch, so at the end of the day, I look to my own reasons for my strong affection.

One of the best parts of Stitch is what we call the galleries, where projects star on full-bleed pages with sets designed for them. It’s yummy eye-candy and just thumbing through an issue, even if I’ve been part of creating it, makes me yearn to make things.

Which I can, immediately, if I please, because all the patterns are included in Stitch. I also love the downloadable patterns for larger projects, so that each pattern is nested in its own set and easy to read (after assembly, of course.)

I also love the modern aspect of Stitch and the community of designers that has inspired it and collected as part of the magazine’s family. Contributors and artists feel connected to the magazine and I feel that connection from them.

I guess those are just a few of the ways I love Stitch, because truthfully, like any proud parent, I could go on and on and on. But why don’t you discover true love in a sewing magazine for yourself and subscribe to Stitch?

Do you love Stitch, too? Let me know how you count the ways.

Happy stitching!



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