Here's Stitch Spring 2015!!!

I am so ready for spring, and winter just started. Fortunately we can dream of warmer days to come, and Stitch Spring 2015 is here to help us with the dreaming. Take a peek here at some of the great projects you will find in Stitch Spring 2015:


Halter Top Meets
High-Waisted Shorts
By Emily Li Mandri

Leather Squared Handbag
By Lisa Polderman
Vintage Patched Coasters
By Barb Brown

Color Block Dress
By Khristal Jouett

Finch Pillow
By Krisje Deal
Red Poppy Circle Skirt
By Amber Eden

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I would love to hear what you think of Stitch Spring 2015. Let me know!

Amber Eden

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