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One of my favorite parts of the movie-going experience is watching the previews of upcoming movies. It’s fun to get a sneak peek of the great (or awful) movies that will be coming to a theater near you in the upcoming months. Then you wait in anticipation until they come out.

The variety of projects in Stitch will keep you sewing all year-round!

Spacer 15x15 pixels So with that in mind, I wanted to take you behind the scenes of our editorial planning process for Stitch magazine and share what we have planned for you for the rest of 2011. Intrigued?

The Stitch staff is always looking at trends for the upcoming season to get ideas. The great part and the hard part is that trends are everywhere. That’s why I carry an idea notebook with me all the time so I can write down ideas wherever and whenever they come, from a cool idea I saw on TV to an embellishment technique on a dress in an Anthropologie store.

To plan each new issue, we look at fashion and home décor trends, find out what everyone’s talking about in the blogosphere, check out up-and-coming designers, and look around to see what everyone is sewing. If it sounds easy, well, it isn’t. But it is super fun! We also try to imagine what techniques or fabrics you struggle with or want to know more about. If we want to know more about something, we figure you might be interested, too. So we put all those things in the hopper and see what rises to the top. Some ideas get shot down, some get saved for a future issue, and some get a unanimous “yes!” from all of us. That’s when we hit the jackpot.

We start with a theme for each issue (i.e., “The Technique Issue” or “The Fabric Issue,” etc.), then plan the editorial and project stories to explore different aspects of that theme. This is a fun challenge for us because there are many interesting ways to look at the different aspects of sewing. So without further adieu, here are our coming attractions for Stitch:

Summer – The Color Issue (April 2011)

I love color! So this issue is devoted to the different ways to play with color and prints in your projects, with inspiration from designers who use color creatively in their work. You’ll find project stories on everything from using graphic color combinations to sophisticated designs featuring earthy neutrals and metallic fabrics. On the technique side, we explore handsewing techniques (so you can sew outside if you want to!), from finishing techniques to decorative stitching.

Fall – The Design Issue (July 2011)

Many of us dream of designing our own projects, so this issue is devoted to bringing out your inner designer, from customizing an existing pattern to creating a design from scratch. For project stories, we focus on unique design challenges, from sewing projects for men to projects to organize and customize your sewing space. And we give you a detailed technique tutorial on seam techniques, such as how to properly sew a curved or corner seam to elegant seam finishes, from Hong Kong to flat-fell seams.

Winter – The Texture Issue (October 2011)

Winter is the time to take a break from cottons and linens and sew with lush wools, soft corduroys, elegant velvets, faux fur, and other textured fabrics, so we dedicate this issue to working with these wonderful but sometimes tricky fabrics. Look for a great article on techniques for sewing leather and suede. And you’ll find project stories that explore the creative possibilities of working with these gorgeous fabrics along with fabric-specific tips for sewing success.

Now it goes without saying that I’m not giving all my secrets away so soon, so there are lots more goodies packed into each of these issues, in addition to the 40+ projects in every issue. I’ll reveal more exciting issue contents in the upcoming months when we get closer to the publication dates. We want to do our part to keep you sewing all year-round!

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