Ellen March – Editor-in-Chief

I’m the Content Strategist and Editorial Director for the Sewing division of F+W, including  Sew News, Creative Machine Embroidery, Sew it All and Sew Daily. I grew up around sewing, with my grandmother being the seamstress in her small town and my mother teaching sewing and owning her own handmade pillow business. I started sewing at age 8, and at 15 I starred in the Franklin Clay Films educational feature Picking Your Fabric, Patterns and Notions. After graduating from USC, I started my own business, making custom clothing made from original patterns. I was the host of Sew it All on PBS for five years, and with that came great opportunities to meet talented, creative women and men in the sewing industry. My love of sewing has propelled me into this wonderful career, for which I’m thankful every day.

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