Learn How To Make Your Own Sewing Patterns

If you have ever thought about making your own patterns, we have the class for you. Create Your Own 5 Piece Sloper Collection class has extended their registration. Class has started but registration has been extended until April 28! Don’t delay, start learning how to make you own patterns today!

Let’s look at what slopers are and what this class can do for your sewing experience.

Slopers are, in essence the basic template for the pattern making process, and they are used to establish the fit of the body. When you have a perfectly fitting sloper to your body, you’ll have a perfectly fitting garment! The best way to develop your own set of slopers is to actually take multiple measurements from your body and draft them suited to you using 2-dimential paper and the addition of carefully calculated and placed lines. These lines will create the outer shape and darts that will make your sloper fitted exactly to you.

Learn Pattern Drafting!

Through this 6-week-long course, our instructor will guide you through the entire detailed process of developing a sloper library consisting of a bodice and sleeve, skirt, dress, and knit sloper.

Then to top it all off, in the end, you’ll get to see how these slopers transform into stylized sewing patterns that you will want to sew and wear (and they’ll fit you too!).

This course will have video instruction of every single measuring and drafting step to help you along the way, and to aid your drafting process you can print off multiple handouts to have with you at the drawing table.

Our instructor will be able to answer any question you have throughout the course as she has much experience with slopers and developing them for both herself and others. This course will help you learn your body and address fitting issues that you may have with commercial sewing patterns and even clothes that you buy.

Come join our instructor through this extensive process and learn first-hand how to develop and draft your own personal sloper library. With these slopers in your sewing studio, you’ll be more than well equipped for when you have a design idea and want to execute it quickly and efficiently!

Course Level: This course is for anyone beginner through advanced in pattern drafting. Some sewing experience with commercial patterns is helpful.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to take accurate measurements on your body through video demonstration
  • Developing your bodice and corresponding sleeve sloper from your body measurements
  • How to draft a skirt sloper
  • Transforming your bodice and skirt sloper into a dress sloper
  • Making your new dress sloper into a torso knit sloper foundation with sleeve
  • Techniques for stylizing your sloper patterns
  • How to effectively store your slopers in your studio and how to use them

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone interested in creating a set of basic body patterns fitting to their body measurements
  • Sewers who in the past have had trouble fitting into “one” size pattern due to fitting issues
  • Designers looking for a template to develop garment styles on

What are you waiting for?! Sign up today and you’ll be on your way to making your own custom sewing patterns!

If you have any questions on the course, please let me know in the comments section below.


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