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Learning New Tricks

Do you have a handful of sewing patterns that are your TNT (Tried & True), the ones you’d run into a burning building to save?

Or maybe, you’re a vintage pattern nut but find the limited sizing can be prohibitive. If you find yourself in this situation of having a great pattern but can’t fit into it, pattern grading is what you need to know. Pattern grading up or down a size will allow you to create a pattern just for your body. It’s a great skill to learn. It will open up so many creative avenues in your sewing journey.

Do you have any TNT patterns in your stash? What type of sewing patterns do you reach for over and over again? Do you know how to grade patterns?

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Thanks everyone!


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One thought on “Movin’ On UP In Your Sewing Education

  1. Pattern grading would be such a helpful, practical, wonderful skill to acquire. I traded some older books to a bookseller for a stack of vintage patterns that I thought were my size, based on bust measurement. THOUGHT being the operative word. They are sooooo not my size. I cut out a blouse muslin and stitched for a fitting. It was large in the bust and small in the waist. Very disappointing, especially because I like the style of the patterns. I kept them because I’ve been hoping to learn how to grade them (up AND down).