Member Gallery: Upload Your Sewing Project

Members of the Sew Daily community can upload and share images of their sewing projects here to provide inspiration to fellow sewists. A few things to remember when submitting your project:

  • Sew Daily staff would appreciate your limiting the number of projects uploaded each day to 2 apiece, to allow everyone’s work the opportunity to be seen and enjoyed.
  • Please make sure your project image is no smaller than 380×324 px
  • Please do not violate copyright laws by uploading pictures or patterns that are not yours!
  • We do reserve the right to reject submissions without response.
  • What you upload must be a sewing project image for the rest of the community to enjoy (no spam or shameless promotion).
  • Visit our community guidelines page for more info.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Happy Sewing!

Are you thinking, this is cool, where do I upload my sewing images?!

You'll need to log in to view the Project Upload Form. If you aren't already one of our site members, you can register here to join the fun.