How to Use a Sewing Machine – Three Must-Know Tricks

Sewing Machine Basics: Free Videos to Help You Take Care and Use Your Sewing Machine

Make friends with your sewing machine! Sew Daily and our sister site Sew News have teamed up to share with you our best sewing machine tricks. Along with step by step instructions, each section includes must-know tips including the one thing you should do every time you thread your machine… keep tension on the thread! Learn how to thread a needle, wind a bobbin, and clean and care for your new best friend. These two free videos show you how it’s done so you can feel prepared at the machine and ready for any project.

Sewing machines need periodic maintenance, including cleaning and oiling, to remain in top condition. This first short video shows the key areas of the machine to oil yourself, while leaving more advanced technical fixes to the experts.

Watch the longer video to learn even more about using and caring for your sewing machine. Threading a sewing machine is often a cause of frustration, but you’ll be able to do it effortlessly after our expert walks you through it. The upper and lower thread have to work together, so we also show you how to properly wind a bobbin. Plus, you’ll get an extensive overview on what to use to clean your machine and exactly how and where to do it.

Be sure you check out both videos to learn all the secrets to using your sewing machine!

Free Videos on Sewing Machine Basics

Video 1: Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance

Showing a snippet of what the full video has to offer, this free segment shows you how to clean and oil your machine. This is a must for any sewing machine owner to keep your machine running in tip top shape. The video begins by showing you how to open up the bobbin mechanism so you can use a brush to dust any lint out. We also show how to quickly clean out the tracks of your feed dog in case any lint has built up there. The final step is to oil the machine and you’re all set to go. Now that you’ve watched this short video, be sure to share it with your friends and then check out the full video for a more in depth maintenance section, plus winding a bobbin and threading your machine quickly and easily.

Video 2: Winding a Bobbin, Threading Your Machine, and Maintenance

Three Part Video on How to Use a Sewing Machine

The full 12 minute video will walk you through three of the most important sewing machine basics. First, learn how to wind a bobbin the right way so it works perfectly when it comes time to sew. Next, learn how to thread a sewing machine, including why you want to keep a little tension on the thread. In the final part, we go into even more detail on sewing machine maintenance than what was covered in the free video above. Learn about the importance of using the right brush, how much to oil your machine and how to keep your machine safe when you’re not using it. To watch this exclusive video, simply enter your email address and you’ll get instant access this free video right away!

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