Have a fear of installing a zipper into a sewing project? Never fear! With Sew Daily’s expert tips and tricks installing a zipper will be a breeze. Learn the different types of zippers, the multitudinous ways in which to install a zipper and tricks for sewing in zippers with a professional look.


Making New Rules – Sewing Edgings, Zippers and Borders

In many ways I'm very grateful for my more traditional sewing background. Having inserted hundreds (seems impossible, but is probably true!) of zippers over my lifetime, I can comfortably adjust almost any part of the process and still be confident about it being functionally successful. The ruffles are bias-pieced solids–a bold finish for these bold…


Choose Your Restyling Weapon Wisely

Have you ever wondered how you can take one garment and transform it into another? There you are looking at your closet at, say, a mega-shouldered designer jacket that you inherited and you know it cost a mint, but it will never see the light of day in its current state.  While shoulders are back,…


Sewing Zippers Made Easy

All Zipped Up Every sewer has a technique that they hate doing, even if they have done it many times. For me it's sewing zippers. I have put in tons of zippers, yet every time I arrive at this step in the garment-making process, I take a deep breath and sigh-zippers. Yes, they can be a…