What’s Your Favorite Garment To Sew? + Find 4 Exclusive Patterns From Christine Haynes

I want to start on a clean slate for 2016. I’m getting ready for the coming year by organizing my sewing room, cleaning out fabric bins and planning a general list of items I want to sew. I’m also trying to find time for some of those UFOs that I need to finish or discard. When my sewing space is tidy and UFOs are completed, I feel freer to start anew.


Right now about half a dozen skirts in various states of done-ness are on my sewing table. I only need half a day to get these done. So, now seems like the perfect time to hop to it.

One of those skirts is from Christine Haynes’s new pattern line exclusively for Sew News, the Anya Skirt. This is a classic circle skirt reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. All four of the exclusive patterns from Christine Haynes have that classic sensibility about them: a tunic, a sundress, a shift dress and the circle skirt.

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The patterns range from basic to intermediate, so beginners need not worry. These patterns are perfect for those new to garment sewing. And, if your skills are more advanced, these are a great add to your pattern collection. You’ll have fun making modifications to the patterns to create endless renditions.

I realized the other day that I don’t have a circle skirt in my pattern library—amazing, right? Circle skirts are so easy to sew together with only two side seams and a waistband. The Anya pattern requires an invisible zipper, but with the video tutorials Christine filmed to go with her patterns (also found at shopsewitall.com), you’ll be floored by how easy sewing an invisible zipper really is.

All of the Sew News editors will be sewing one of Christine’s Sew With Me patterns in the weeks ahead.  Stay tuned to the blog and Facebook page. We’ll show you our creations soon!

What’s your favorite garment to sew? I think hands down mine has got to be skirts, followed by pants. Let me know on the blog!


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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Garment To Sew? + Find 4 Exclusive Patterns From Christine Haynes

  1. I, too, hope to organize and clean out the sewing room. I’ve got fabric I’ve forgotten I had plus patterns I never have and never WILL use.

    As far as my favorite sewing item goes……I consider myself a ‘Vestaholic’. They are so EASY to make (I usually ALWAYS use McCalls #2260) and you can be as creative as you want to be!

    Have fun people!

  2. My Favorite Garment is a dress princess line. For therapy I love to take 3 to 4 yards of Demin fabric and bleach it, then I re-dye it using a fiber reactive dye. It is always interesting to see what you will get when you reverse dye. Black and Navy Blue you never know what is under the base. I really like the rag effect with exposed seams and color blocking garments. The spiral skirts are fun with my fabrics. The summer Hurricane Katrina hit I was working on a piece it was black base denimn over dyed with purple, then tie dyed with hot pink. Three is the most colors I have used Dylon is my favorite.