What’s The Silliest Sewing Mistake You’ve Made?

Beginner’s Luck

Over the weekend I played around with my embroidery machine. I’m embroidering a set of tea towels for my mom. They have cute kitchen utensils on them. They’ll be perfect for Mom’s Day (May 8th!)

I also made  the organza butterflies that are so popular right now. I embroidered mine with black and purple thread with black organza.

butterfly-sampleFunny thing happened as I was embroidering them. I unknowingly had the hoop on upside down. Of course, if I had know I was doing it wrong I wouldn’t have made video of it and posted it on Facebook. Lisa Shaw of Sew-Bubbles kindly pointed it out to me.

Can you tell I’m a beginner? One thing I can say for certain is I’ve caught the machine embroidery bug. I am loving it even if I’m doing it upside down!

Being a beginner, I’m really excited for Sara Gallego’s new class, Absolute Beginner’s Machine Embroidery. I’m going to be watching the videos as they come out and learning a lot so I won’t be putting the hoop on upside down any longer. Would you like to join me? If so, let me know on the blog. You can find out more information on the videos and see if it’s something you’d like to do. Next, we can meet online and discuss each week’s video, or show off our projects. Let me know what you think?

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