What Was Your First Sewing Project?

I remember the very first item I sewed. It was a cape for my Skipper doll. Not Barbie, mind you but Skipper. I remember going to So-Fro Fabrics and picking out the fabric. It was a large polka dot print with a soft pink background and the dots were a bright fuschia pink. It was a polyester silky type fabric.


The cape seemed rather daring for Skipper but I had plans for her. The cape was only the beginning. After I made the cape I sewed up an entire wardrobe for her. I made cropped pants out of a white cotton print, hand stitched a tube top that would never stay on her flat chest and a dozen or so skirts and dresses all bold and colorful. Skipper was stylish. So unlike me at the time. Skipper’s wardrobe was daring, feminine and the envy of Barbie and her posse.

I remember going to the fabric store and sitting at the counters that had all the pattern books. Flipping through all the pretty dresses was as enjoyable back then as it is now. The thought of buying a new pattern, or making something new was exciting. There were possibilities; endless, exciting possibilities all contained in a pattern envelope.

Sewing for me quickly became an enormous creative outlet. However, It wasn’t until much later that I began designing and making my own clothes. I’m fairly certain Skipper would be constantly raiding my closet today.

I love seeing how my own wardrobe has evolved over the years. Right now I’m intent on making classics. Filling up my closet with items that I’ll wear again and again. And, guess what’s on the fall agenda? A cape.

Let me know your earliest memories of sewing on the SewDaily blog. Do you remember what you made, who you sewed with? See you on the blog!


Jill Case
Online Editor, Sew Daily

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5 thoughts on “What Was Your First Sewing Project?

  1. My first sewing item was in Middle School. I had to make a jumper and it turned out perfect with the exception of the length. I knew that my parents did not like “mini” skirts” however I had this bright idea that if I hemmed it just above my knees they would make an exception. It didn’t go as I had planned and I never saw that jumper again!! I guess the old saying “Last laugh is on me” is true!

  2. My first sewing project in Junior High was preceeded by several years of embroidery tutorials by my mother. I’m just now attempting to re-capture those great skills. In 7th grade all females were required to take Home Economics for one year. My first unit was sewing and I simply loved learning all about MY Singer sewing machine and learning how to sew straight and curved lines on pre-printed paper (without thread). As a class, our first project was an apron: the bottom was a rectangle; the top a square with a strip of trim, plus ric-rac; ric-rac along the hem line; a “difficult loop,” (my take on it), that went over the head; and ties around to the back. What fun I had making that apron! Next semester we made a blouse. I was so excited about sewing that I found I HAD to go to summer school and take sewing. Back then NOBODY went to summer school unless they were flunking math, etc. My friend Marion and I had such a blast taking sewing for those 6 weeks. We ended up making one garment per week.

  3. I don’t remember what the first item was, but my first sewing was making doll clothes from my mom’s scrapes she had left over. I was around 7 years old when I started sewing, and I have always loved it. I think about it as the Lord took the ground and made man, He took something that looked like nothing and made a great creation, so we take a piece of fabric and make something nice and pretty from it.

  4. When I was in home ec in 9th grade we made a simple skirt with an elastic waist and a belt of the same fabric with a fabric covered buckle. I thought I was so fancy!

  5. Fun topic! Thank you!
    Home Economics, early 70’s, we had to make a sleeveless dress with darts and zipper.
    After that, we could chose another garment of our own preference.
    My Home Ec teacher was great!
    My first home sewing machine was a Singer (foot powered) treadle.
    I made skirts, tops, toys and kids clothes with it. Beautiful machine, but getting a machine with a motor, zig zag and buttonhole capabilities was the best! I still have my first electric machine
    (3 vintage including my first, and then my go-to newest ones)
    Sew much fun…enjoy!