The Tale of the Vintage Fabric Find

My friend told me the other day that she was having a tag sale at her home. Her marriage of almost 30 years had ended, the big house had been sold, and she was moving on to single life in a tiny apartment. Happily, I might add.

Many generations contributed
to my vintage fabric treasure.

I went to her home prepared for a few items set out in the driveway, but what I found was an entire lifetime of objects for sale. She had exquisite taste, but not enough room, physically or emotionally, for what she had accumulated in her past life.

As I walked in the front door, I couldn't determine where my feet should go first. Gorgeous furnishings and antiques, blue-and-white china, and much more beckoned. But my eyes quickly fell upon two plastic bins in the corner of the living room, where I saw stack upon stack of decades-old vintage linens. 

I sat there in that corner for almost an hour, patiently sifting through generations of monogrammed napkins and hand towels; delicately hand-stitched and embroidered placemats, runners, and coasters; everyday linens with vintage prints-whimsical strawberries, happy yellow roses. Each item was carefully pressed and preserved. I was utterly absorbed by the story they told.

I love to create items with vintage fabrics, especially scatter pillows. A pillow is the perfect canvas for a retro print handkerchief or embroidered linen. With each piece of dozens that I held in my hand, I could envision how lovely it would look as the pretty face of a small pillow.

I have enough vintage linens now to fuel these dreams for years to come, but I think that I will take a precious piece or two to make a pillow just the right size for a small apartment where a dear friend is beginning a new and exciting journey.

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Do you collect vintage fabrics? What do you do with them? Do you know any of their stories? I would love to know.

Happy stitching. 




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8 thoughts on “The Tale of the Vintage Fabric Find

  1. Like you, I love vintage fabrics. I am a knitter, though I have purchased a sewing machine with the intention of making pillows just as you suggest. Reading your story, has given me the idea to take some of the dish towels I have collected and turn them into drawstring bags that I can use as gift bags for the scaves a slippers I will knit for my family and friends for Christmas. Draw string bags, a good first project I can manage and a great excuse to explore the shops and find some vintage red and green and silver and gold dish cloths and tea towels!

  2. I have lovingly collected vintage linens for many years…but each time I try to cut them up to make something new I just can’t do it. So I just go through them every now and then and enjoy! Maybe the next person who owns them will be able to
    repurpose them….Not me!!

  3. I have collected old linens for some time also. It all started with a pile of beautiful linen napkins and some dresser scarves from my grandmother. I also loved the beautiful crocheted doilies that I would find at antique stores and the local Hospital Street Fair. I first used the smaller linen and crochet pieces as center pieces for my fabric wall hangings. I have also dyed some of the linen napkins, sewed them together, embellished with pretty trims and buttons and used them as a winter scarf!!

  4. I just inherited my grandmother’s beautiful linens, some cotton with lace and others are 100% linen damask weave. I would love to make some of these pieces into apparel but need some inspiration. Any suggestions where to find some ideas?

  5. Hello, Amber ~
    Oh, my! Ladies after my own heart! First, how kind and loving of you to provide your friend with a pillow from her Vintage Linens! While I have few Vintage “fabrics” per se, I do have a plethora of Vintage Linens! My Mother’s and Grandmother’s Damask Linen tablecloths/napkins aplenty, embroidered tea towels/pillow cases/pot holders/aprons from my Great Aunt/Grandmother (& her crocheted edgings), embroidered guest hand towels, one small Crazy Quilt made by my Paternal Grandmother & her Tatting, and Vintage hankies galore! I plan to make a bed coverlet from the Vintage hankies. Plus, I collect from antiques stores/flea markets! I’m reserving the Vintage tablecloths for jackets/long skirts for myself! I’ll also save some for their original purpose! I’m 66, so you know the above items are “old”! 😉 Thank you for your story. Janet HANDWORK {My actual Maiden Name which I must honor with the same!}