Sewing With Difficult Fabrics

Have you spent a small fortune on fabric only to have it ruined because it was too ‘difficult’ to work with. Some fabrics are known to be tricky to work with. Fabrics such as silk, chiffons, velvet, lacy knits, faux furs and Spandex type fabrics have all been known to give even the most expert sewist pause. Tame those feisty fabrics with our tips and tricks for sewing difficult fabrics.


The Tale of the Vintage Fabric Find

My friend told me the other day that she was having a tag sale at her home. Her marriage of almost 30 years had ended, the big house had been sold, and she was moving on to single life in a tiny apartment. Happily, I might add. Many generations contributedto my vintage fabric treasure. I…


Stitch + Knits = Love!

Date Night Combine high-sheen fabrics, delicate ruffles, and a light feminine cardigan for a sizzling night out. Clockwise from top left: Silk + Pearls Clutch (Stitch, Fall 2010), Ribbon Wrap Dress (Stitch, Spring 2009), Audrey's Cardigan (Knits, Spring 2010). Mix + Match Once you start making things for yourself, it's really hard to keep your…