Sewing Stitches

Sew Daily offers tutorials on useful machine and hand sewing stitches. We’ve made it easy with both written and visual instructions for many of the common and unusual stitches you’ll run into.


View this Free Video on Staystitching and Understitching

There  are a few techniques in garment construction that I consider critical to getting a good result. Clipping curves is one of them, along with grading seams, and anything else that will eliminate bulky seams. And stay stitching and under stitching are another. Many pattern instructions these days don't go into the intricacies of these…


What Do You Love About Hand Sewing?

Last Sunday evening, after machine sewing a few simple baby bibs, I sat down in my living room to handsew the finishing touches. I don't know about you, but for me there's something so soothing about hand sewing. Reversible flannel bibs made for twin girls. I sat in the chair opposite the fireplace, with my…


Staystitch? But I Want To Get Started!

Last Saturday morning I ran through my errands efficiently because I had a fun sewing project that I was excited to start–a wrap coat in a bright Trenna Travis print (Michael Miller Fabrics). I'd been doing a lot of sewing for babies recently, so it was a treat to be doing some garment sewing in a…

Try the Fishbone Stitch

I am always looking for a new hand-embroidery stitch and recently the Fishbone Stitch has entranced me. I learned it as a child and then rediscovered it recently.  It's a very simple stitch resembles a fish spine and creates beautiful leaves. Make several to make a foliage design. The trick to this stitch is that…


Hand-stitching vs. Machine-stitching

As part of a recent moccasin project, I had to gather suede with a basting stitch in order to apply the sole to the top of the slipper. Well, you can laugh at me, but I actually did try to do a machine basting stitch on the sole.  It stitched just fine, but once I…


Learn a New Sewing Technique–Just for Fun

When I taught a Sewing for Beginners class for adults last year, I had to remind myself to start with the absolute basics and build my students' confidence along with their skills. Winding a bobbin–it's a start! Beginning students worried less about slightly wonky seams whenthey were making samples, nota finished project. It was an exciting…


Add a Pretty and Secure Edge with a Pickstitch

I prefer to put in a zipper by hand. Closures are so critical to the look of a garment, and I just like the result I get when putting the zipper manually. That's how I fell in love with the pickstitch. I'm sure you've seen the pickstitch on beautifully tailored garments. It's a stitch with…


7 Tips on Combining Machine + Hand Stitching

Creating with Needle and Thread  I think thread has multiple personalities. Whether it's structured and organized straight stitching, organic, hand-drawn effects with freehand machine embroidery, or the rich textured look of hand embroidery and appliqué, the tiny strands of fiber we take for granted are full of possibilities! While I love exploring the different possibilities…

Hemming Techniques for Knits: Coverstitch Video Tutorial

Patty Young, licensed textile designer and owner of MODKID LLC, demonstrates how do perform a coverstitch with knit fabrics on a coverstitch machine. Good information for sewists who are new to sewing with knits. For more info, check out Patty's blog at and her website at Part 1 of 5.