Learn How to Draft a Custom Skirt Pattern

The other day Stitch art director Larissa Davis came to me with a skirt that she loves. "I want another one like this," she said. Well, she is in luck, because that's exactly what the new Jil Cappuccio Sewing Skirts Your Way video teaches. I promised Larissa that if she watches the video, I would work with her on drafting a new skirt pattern. (Look for a future blog post on this!)

Jil and I go over a scene.

I also doubled as makeup artist!

  Isn't Jil's whimsical style just adorable?

This is one of my favorite sewing videos around. Jil Cappuccio has a delightful personality, and she imparts a sense of fun with sewing, stripping away all the intimidating techniques that shroud sewing. She owns a shop called Sewn in Denver, Colorado, and you can always find her in the back of her store, stitching up skirts that are a melange of new and vintage fabrics. So, putting it mildly, she knows skirts.

When we first started working on the video, I was going back and forth with Jil on fabric choices for the skirt techniques that she would be demonstrating, and after a couple of emails she sent me a shot of about 8 skirts. I was just expecting swatches! "No worries, my friend," she said. "I made all those last night. It didn't take me more than a few hours."

Needless to say, in this video, you will learn a lot of speedy ways to draft a custom skirt pattern from a favorite skirt or skirt pattern. You will also learn a lot of speedy ways to stitch them up. And with all the custom vintage fabric details that Jil shows you how to add, you can create a whole wardrobe of distinctly different skirts. She does all this with a sturdy little antique Singer sewing machine. Charming!

Although I was familiar with Jil's techniques, it was fascinating to watch it all come together on set after weeks of planning (see outtake shots here!) And of course, I never get tired of listening to someone talk about sewing, especially drafting patterns. No matter how much I learn, I always find some little nugget or trick about sewing when I talk to another sewer. I suppose you could call Jil's tricks industry techniques, but like most of our techniques, they are honed from years of sewing.

It makes me wish that I had this video when I was a beginning sewist. Jil takes the mystery out of pattern drafting and cuts to the chase on construction, while easily chatting like a good friend who knows a lot about sewing. Even a beginner sewist will walk away confident with new skills for making custom skirts and skirt patterns.

To pre-order the Sewing Skirts Your Way video, visit the Sew Daily Shop.

What do you love most about making skirts? Let us know!

 Happy stitching!

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4 thoughts on “Learn How to Draft a Custom Skirt Pattern

  1. I usually like making a skirt +shirt from same cloth, than i make another skirt+shirt duo , and thus have 2 `dresses` and more combinations.
    I like making skirts because i wear them ‘ they are easy and fun to make, easy to take care of…. i just love them

  2. Couldn’t agree more, beewisegoods. I really hope that people try this video. It has great information on drafting custom skirts that isn’t easy to come by, and she makes it so simple!