Growing your own sewing library – What are your favorite sewing books?

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Growing your sewing library

What's your favorite sewing books?

imageplaceholder Jill Case
Online Editor, Sew Daily

As a seamstress I've collected quite a bit of reading material over the years. There are new sewing books coming out every month it seems, plus we have blogs and online education to help us like never before.

I still like a mix of hard copy books, that I can thumb through whenever and e-books that I can keep on my iPad. Still have not been able to have ALL my books and reading materials on a reading device like an iPad,  I don't think I ever will. I still enjoy going to a book store, holding a book in my hands, flipping through it. It's just not the same on a PDA.

I also have quite a few books that are no longer in print, and are specifically for sewing vintage items. There is nothing like a vintage sewing book to help you sew a vintage dress. I guess as with any hobby there are multiple ways of getting your information and no one way suits everyone. 

How do you like your sewing information brought to you? Do you like having books and magazines on a reading device like an iPad?


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I am the Online Editor for Sew Daily and I am so incredibly excited to meet everyone here on this amazing sewing community!

My first passion is garment sewing, I love vintage sewing patterns and working with knits and silks. I also get very jazzed about sewing pants and love learning couture techniques. What about you? I can't wait to get started finding out more about you and what you like to sew.

2 thoughts on “Growing your own sewing library – What are your favorite sewing books?

  1. I’ll read novels on my tablet, but I vastly prefer print for my hobby books – sewing, quilting, crochet and gardening. I like the tactile sensation of holding the weight & flipping the pages, and I like that I can look up something on my tablet while my book stays open & waiting for me. I sometimes get patterns digitally, so I can print them out, but I really like my reference materials in print.