Easy Sewing Patterns? Or Hard Sewing Patterns? Why Not Both?

What do you think about easy sewing patterns? Are they for beginners only?

This dress took quite a bit of time.
I reworked the bodice to make use
of some of my limited Kokka fabric.
Cute, fun, easy! Some vintage
ribbon and an antique button
made a charming sachet in
almost no time at all.

Here are my thoughts based on one of my alternate loves.

In addition to loving to sew and knit, I am an avid reader. On my To-Read List are suggestions from friends, my monthly Book Club picks, the Librarian's Choice selections from my local library, books that peak my interest from reviews, and non-fiction selections to fill in my (sometimes substantial) gaps of knowledge on any number of a wide range of topics.

Yes, I do read a lot. I also sew a lot. Here's what my approach to both these activities has in common. For every challenging book I read (raise your hand if you'd like me to tell you about Franklin Pierce's early political life in New Hampshire), I usually read something maybe slightly less substantive (come on down, Agatha Christie!).

Sewing works that way for me as well. After I've finished something with twists and turns and new techniques, I like to put together something that has a lot of straight seams or use a pattern that I've mastered before. Hard. Easy. Hard. Easy.

And if it's been a busy week at work, maybe Easy, Easy, Easy!

For both easy and more challenging sewing projects (and always elegant!), check out the new Shape Shape 2 in the Sew Daily Shop. 

Let us know how you balance the easy with the challenging? You've surely got a story to tell!

Happy stitching!


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