Cowboy Sewing with Knits: Tips from Liz Evans at Simple Simon

I was at the Common Threads event recently, which is an amazing annual retreat hosted by Baby Lock at their educational headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. I brought along a pattern of mine for a simple knit sheath dress to try on some of the gorgeous knit fabrics brought in by Riley Blake. Liz Evans and I got together to make the dress, one for each of us, and along the way I learned what Liz calls "Cowboy Sewing Tricks." (She's from out West, in case you haven't guessed!) These are quick tricks to save time when sewing with knits. Liz and her sister-in-law Elizabeth Evans of Simple Simon and Co. have done some great projects for us in the past, including the Paper Bag Waist Skirt video, a project that was featured in Stitch Summer 2015. Here are some excellent Cowboy Tips for Sewing with Knits:

When front and back are the same, just double the fabric, fold, and cut. Snip the shoulder tip at top to match to
shoulder seam.
Who needs pins? Clips work great with knits!

For short serged seams, tie serging in a knot
to secure,

Made a mistake? Just slide a seam ripper
along top edge of
serger stitch to undo.
Liz and Elizabeth in front of their wall of skirts we created at Common Threads. Liz is wearing a sheath we made in an hour flat!

To practice your Cowboy Sewing Skills, check out Stitch Summer 2015, where you can find Liz and Elizabeth's Paper Bag Waist Skirt.

P.S. Look for my simple knit sheath dress pattern in Stitch Winter 2015. Happy stitching!
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