Are You A Sewing Luddite? What's Your Favorite Way To Learn New Sewing Techniques?

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What is your most productive way to learn

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Online Editor, Sew Daily

"What we learn from pleasure, we never forget" ~ Alfred Mercier

Do you have a favorite way to learn? I'm a visual and hands on learner. I like to see how something is done, but I also need to physically do it. I'm not very good at memorizing anything verbally. If you introduce yourself to me, I'll forget your name immediately if I don't employ some sort of memory trick to your name.

When online sewing tutorials and videos hit the internet I wasn't such a big convert. I actually shunned them and became a bit of Luddite. I've since watched many videos since then. Videos are a great way to learn something new, because you can watch it over and over. Videos will never take the place of learning with an instructor, in my humble opinion but they are a great way to add to it.

 I think that the biggest roadblock for me is time. I just don't have a ton of time to watch videos. But there are so many great ones out there. I think what would work for me is if I had a chauffeur and he could drive me around to work which at times can take up to an hour. Then I could just pop in a DVD or fire up the smart phone and get my video time in.

Great! I've solved that problem. Sort of.

How do you like to receive your sewing information? In blogs, videos, DVD's, streaming. Let me know on the blog. I'm always open to new ways of learning. But it may require a chauffeur.


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P.S. Speaking of new ways to learn, Sew News has an exciting new series called Sew With Me! The first contributor is Jennifer Paganelli and Carla Crim of Sis Boom Pattern Co. It's going to be a great series with all your favorite contributors and sewing stars. Check out a quick video to see what's coming!

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About Jill

I am the Online Editor for Sew Daily and I am so incredibly excited to meet everyone here on this amazing sewing community!

My first passion is garment sewing, I love vintage sewing patterns and working with knits and silks. I also get very jazzed about sewing pants and love learning couture techniques. What about you? I can't wait to get started finding out more about you and what you like to sew.

3 thoughts on “Are You A Sewing Luddite? What's Your Favorite Way To Learn New Sewing Techniques?

  1. I agree with you. I much prefer to learn “hands-on”. I tend to remember the technique more and if I actually do the steps,I also figure out how I can do them quicker or in a way that is easier for my way of sewing.

    I do have to say that videos are a nice option basically because I can rewind or play over and over until I learn the technique. But in-person/hands-on is definitely my preferred way to learn

  2. My favorite way to learn is hands on with an instructor. However I am on a fixed income so I rarely get the opportunity to take a class. therefore I am so grateful for on line videos and I use them often. Occasionally I will buy a DVD if my budget allows it. Twenty dollars or so is quite a bit cheaper than a class.
    Thanks again for your wonderful web-site.

  3. I prefer the online classes that don’t require you to be there at a specific time. Most classes, both in person and online, require that you be there at a certain time. Since my schedule changes all the time, that is difficult for me. The online video classes let me have an instructor and take the class when it’s convenient for me. I can learn from books, but usually prefer those after I know a technique.