4 Ways to Thread a Needle Watch How It’s Done!

Happy Thread the Needle Day!

July 24 is Thread The Needle Day! Not recognized by the government (boo) and we don’t get the day off but we thought this would be a great time to show you various ways on how to thread a needle, any day!

Thread The Needle Day

Read on to see four different ways to thread a needle, though there are many more!

Are you lucky enough to own a high-end machine that has an auto-needle threader? If so, you understand the sheer joy of never having to struggle to see the needle eye.

Have you ever wondered what the little plastic tube was that might have come with your sewing machine? Yes, it’s a needle threader!

Threading a serger isn’t on anyone’s list of fun activities. But, if you have an air-threading system in your serger it’s actually quite fun! If not, keep your long tweezers close at hand.

Hand sewing needles are quite possibly the easiest to thread, unless the needle eye is super small. Here’s a trick we’ve seen pop up on the good ol’ internet. Make sure your hands are slightly moisturized for best results!

What’s your favorite way to thread a needle? Tell us in the comments!


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