What is Your Favorite Fabric Type To Sew With?

Do you have a favorite fabric type?  You know, the one you are always drawn to first when you walk in a fabric store?

For me, its douppioni silk. Though it can be a bit tricky to sew, I simply can’t get enough of it.

I love its raw texture, rich shimmery colors, versatility, and sturdy hand. It’s great for making things that need a little body, but also fun to use as an accent fabric to bring a bit of luxury to a project. And of all the silk fabric types, it’s the most forgiving when you make mistakes and have to rip out a seam (don’t ask me how I know this…).

In general silk is my fabric of choice as I swing into holiday sewing mode. Whether I’m making small gifts or a New Year’s Eve dress, silk fabric makes even the simplest project look fabulous.

If you want some easy silk project ideas we have several free projects from past issues that you can try. And don’t forget to check out our Silk Fabric Chart by Katrina Walker to help you choose the right silk for your holiday project.

If you are new to sewing with silk, see Katrina’s excellent technique article in the Fall 2010 issue. For a great online resource, check out the wonderful fabric sewing guides at Emma One Sock. You’ll find guides for sewing several different types of silk, plus many other fabrics.


If you have a favorite fabric type, let me know in the comments! Maybe we will do a feature on it in a future issue of Stitch.

Happy sewing,


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