Do You Love Sewing with Knits? Or Do They Scare You?

For years, I avoided making knit garments, because I had heard that I needed a serger or a ball point needle, or some other special piece of equipment. I am not a tool girl, and any time I have to take on new equipment, I turn tail and run. So I stuck steadfastly with my wovens and skirted the knits.

My first knit dress, sewn with a straight stitch!

But one day I fell in love with a knit fabric. I mean, head over heels, and there was no turning back.

Doesn't it always start with the fabric? I have been known to go to extreme measures for the love of fabric. I got online and researched how I could sew a knit garment using my straight stitch machine. It turned out I just had to stretch the fabric slightly as it went through the feed dogs. How simple is that? (FYI, double knits are treated like wovens.)

Since that time I have gone on to know and love sergers and ball point needles and all of that. But often as not I will just sit down at my regular machine and whip up a knit garment. And I do mean "whip up." Knit seams don't need finishing because they don't ravel, and that is a beautiful thing. (Plus, you can skip the hemming for the same reason!)

BTW, we have a great video recently released in the Sew Daily Shop called "Getting Started Sewing with Knits," featuring Stitch contributor Karen LePage. Karen patiently and simply explains how to make knit garments, using the tools you already have.

So if you love sewing with knits already, yay you! If you are afraid, fear not!

For lots of runway-style patterns, including knits, check out a subscription to BurdaStyle magazine.

And let me know if you love or fear knits!

Happy stitching!




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