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What do you think Darth Vader's cape is made of? I was thinking a lovely satin but satin does wrinkle easily. Velvet wouldn't really do. I'm thinking it has to be a knit, maybe a ponte for some added weight and dramatic swishing. Plus, knits are a breeze to care for. No dry cleaning involved and Lord Vader if anything seems practical in his quest for world domination so why wouldn't his fabric choices be the same?

A few blog posts ago and had a few tips on sewing with knits. I had said that I often start beginners out on knits, I feel that they're that easy to work with. Granted just like any fabric, there are several different types of knits and it is important to know which are easier to work with than others.

Generally speaking when sewing maxi skirts the type of knit that works well are ones with a bit of rayon or spandex in them. They stitch up nice and they have a lovely hand to them. Additionally, they hang well, retain their shape and high quality ones don't pill. With knits there usually is minimal shrinking involved and they can hold their color well too.

So, come to the dark side, and get started sewing with knits, you just may have a hard time going back to wovens.

 If you have a question on sewing with knits please let me know on the blog!

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  1. Vader’s cape (original trilogy) is actually wool with a satin lining (detatched at the bottom hem), and leather trim. Tons of fun to make for tall people if you like being buried in yards and yards of fabric.