Check Out My Fabric Selection+ Will I Maintain Focus or Crumble Like A Cookie?

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Delicious Autumn = Delicious Fabric

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Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. – George Eliot

The seasons here are starting to change. The nights are cool and the days are glorious, upper 80's. It's absolutely beautiful. And, with every season change what does a garment sewist (aka seamstress) do? Fabric shop!

Here are some of my fall fabric choices for 2015. I have satins, wools, a silk twill and China silks.

fabric for fall 300

Plus, I have this amazing technicolor fabric that looks like felted wool. Can't wait to show you what I make from it. Plus, do you see that black and purple, that is from my local fabric shop Colorado Fabrics, not sure the fiber content exactly but I don't really care. It will make an extraordinary pair of pants.  So excited! Oh and the white is a knit, a lace type knit which I've never sewn with before. That will be a lesson for sure.

A few of the fabrics are brand new, but I've scored several wools and wool blends in fabric swaps from my local American Sewing Guild chapter and from other seamstresses and sewitst who are looking to lighten their fabric load. Lucky me!

Question for today: Have you rounded up your fall fabrics? What's your sewing plan for the fall and winter? Let me know on the blog!

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P.S. I have been fortunate enough to play around with Graphic Stock images like the one you see above. I actually created that one. Simple enough. Just download the image and insert some text. Makes creating images really fun and simple. Perfect for bloggers, scrap book makers and more. Stay tuned as I show you more fun images that I create!

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