Sewing Embellishments: 3 Free Patterns Using Embroidery, Appliqué and Other Fabric Embellishment Techniques

What we love the most about embellishments is how they can be applied to nearly any project, whether store-bought or handmade. This free eBook is dedicated to celebrating a few of the fabric embellishment techniques available to the modern sewist.

With our first project, Pretty Cat, Baby Bear + Mini-Mouse, you'll learn how to combine various fabrics and simple embroidery to make cuddly friends. Next, appliqué felt circles onto a basic potholder design to add both functionality and fun. Finally, create a one-of-a-kind Collage Wrap Skirt with hand embroidery, beads, and appliqué.

Once you get started sewing embellishments we know you'll fall in love with the endless possibilities. Download your free Sewing Embellishments eBook to get started today.

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