Can You Say Bye Bye to Commercial Sewing Patterns Forever? Learn How to Take The 1st Step

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Self drafted skirts. It's easy!

 Drafting Your Own Sewing Patterns Is So Very Worth It

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Online Editor, Sew Daily

The more that I sew, the more that I want to learn more on drafting my own. I think when you sew a lot with commercial and independent patterns there's a natural curiosity about learning the actual technical aspects of drafting patterns. When I learned (self-taught) how to draft patterns I started with an easy A-line skirt. The image of the blue skirt is an early (successful) attempt at pattern drafting. This A-line is really simple, there are no darts to make it even simpler. Now, my very first attempt was not as good. It was completely unwearable, I forgot to add in ease, so the skirt was tighter than tight.

This next round was quite better. I can wear it!

Skirts are the best item to draft for a beginner. And, pants are not a far second. Not trousers, but elastic waist pull-on pants. Right now, I'm drafting, or a better word would be copying a pair of RTW trousers that I love. I actually found a an exact pair at a thrift store and I carefully ripped them out and I'm using the pieces as patterns. I've made one pair out of a muslin and it didn't quite work. Something went wrong with the ease or something. But, now that the weather is turning cooler, I'm revisiting that project again.

I love becoming a designer when drafting my own patterns. Even when working with commercial patterns, there are times when I change it and draft new elements within it that it practically becomes an entirely new design. I truly don't think I'll ever "say goodbye forever" to commercial patterns, but learning how to draft my own will open up a lot more possibilities. 

What are your experiences with drafting patterns? Is this something you've always wanted to do? What's been stopping you, or your concerns. Let me know, and maybe I can talk you into learning how to draft your own patterns!

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