Itchy, Pinchy And Pokey: The 3 Biggest Offenders to Comfortable Bras & How To Slay Them

Learn to make your own pretty lingerie

Sewing Your Own Lingerie

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In the past I didn't really think too much about making my own lingerie or bras. But, then I saw all the cute sets going around in the blogosphere and I am seriously thinking about dipping my toe in.

Since I've shown you all my brides dress and you've seen me in my skimpy muslins, might as well let it all hang out! No, no we won't. But, I do have some bra issues, namely itchy and weird shaped cups. Itchy is hands down my biggest pet peeve. What do they make these bras with, fiber glass insulation?

No matter the size it isn't always easy to find a well fitting and comfortable bra. I think uncomfortable bras are a universal thing. Doesn't matter what size you are, most of them can be a bear to wear. Do you have issues with bras not fitting well, or looking good under your clothes?

I don't really care to make my own underwear although I know a lot of people who do. I would rather spend my time making gorgeous slips, camisoles, pajamas, tap pants and kimonos.

So how to kill the biggest offenders to comfortable bras, you of course! Don't bother complaining about it, just make it and sew it the best way for you and your shape and size. 

If you have beginning-intermediate sewing skills you should be able to tackle sewing lingerie. The tricky part think is in the fabrics like tricot, silks, silkies etc.  They can be difficult to manage, especially for a beginner. But, if you have some skills with the sewing machine and are comfortable with sewing on silkys and such now's the time to take a class and perfect those skills.

What are your experiences with sewing your own undies? Did you like it, would you do it again? Do you have problems with RTW bras? Let me know on the blog! I would really like to know why you would sew underwear.

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5 thoughts on “Itchy, Pinchy And Pokey: The 3 Biggest Offenders to Comfortable Bras & How To Slay Them

  1. RTW bras are uncomfortable, but rather than make my own I have been altering them for better fit, basically under the arms where they are too wide since I need a large cup, but not a wide band since I am a short person.

  2. RTW bras have never been comfortable for me. For the main reason being that the band will NOT stay where it belongs. If I move at all, less than 5 minutes after getting dressed, the band winds up migrating upwards about 3 or 4 inches from where it should be and, becoming even more uncomfortable. To make matters worse, the dratted things are sooooooo expensive. The fact that they last only a few months for me at best before displaying fit issues makes me not want to buy them at all.

  3. I have to admit that finding a RTW bra that fits is a herculean effort. 4-5 hours of frustration is an average to find a bra that fits. And that is just for normal every day wear.

    I also am a member of the SCA. Society for Creative Anachronisms. As we make our clothes, I have been looking into making my own bras. This article has really encouraged me to do so, and if it works, I’ll be making a “modern” version.

  4. I would love to be able to sew my own bra.I had a double mastectomy in my 30s and have always sftruggled with bras and prothesis.I am a complete beginner and am so happy i have found this site.Who know i may even get to sew my own clothes as i go without prothesis on most days due to pain issues and also struggle to find tops to fit my shape.I am sooo excited to use this site.