Lingerie & Bras

Once you learn to sew bras and lingerie you never go back to store bought. Find tips and tricks for sewing bras, pants and lingerie!


Learning To Sew Lingerie

Sewing lingerie has always been on my to-do list. I love wearing slips, but they're hard to find, at least in the styles and fabrics that I like. And, bras too. It doesn't matter what size you are there is nothing worse than an ill-fitting or uncomfortable wearing bra. Vintage Sewing Patterns Sew Chic Slip…


Add (Almost) Invisible Support to Your Blouse

I recently had to make a blouse pattern for my patternmaking class. The blouse had a yoke and the professor said that to provide extra support in the yoke, you could cut 2 pieces. (FYI: The yoke is the separate piece you see often across the back top of a blouse that usually extends over…


Extra! Extra! Get Slim Support for Knit Garments

I recently came up with a neat trick for dealing with a knit garment that I was making with a pattern for woven garments. The fabric was wayyyyy too stretchy for my liking, especially at the waistline, shoulders and sleeve edges, and stay-stitching alone would not improve the situation. With a knit garment, if it's…


Keep Your Waistline from Drooping

For any dress that has a bodice and a skirt, I like to add a waist stay to keep the waistline from drooping. Recently, I was working on a knit dress that was gorgeous, but droopy at the waist, and needed some support.  A stay is basically a grosgrain ribbon that is sewn to the waistline seam of…