Here's a Great Free e-Book on Hand-Stitching!

I am so happy to introduce this wonderful e-Book, Tips on How to Sew by Hand, with 8 gorgeous projects! 

I first discovered hand sewing stitches as a Girl Scout. As part of the sewing badge that I was earning, I embroidered a small figure on the badge itself, and I remember very clearly how proud and satisfied I was to make the figure's head out of a French knot. But that was also the last time I would do much handsewing for a while. As I became charmed by sewing clothes, I turned almost entirely to machine stitching to create them, and for many years that remained the bulk of my sewing.

Poetry Skirt
by Katrin Vorbeck

Fizz Table Runner
by Lisa Cox

However, in recent years, I have returned to my first sewing love of handstitching. I spent a good amount of time studying couture sewing. Hand stitches are a critical component, and it's possible to make an entire garment without going near a machine. In fact, in many couture houses, the sewing machine mainly gathers dust.

Use handsewing to make the projects in this guide, from the darling Poetry Skirt, fun Fizz Table Runner, sweet Travel Lingerie Bag, chic Beaded Fabric Cuff to the cool Hexagon Place Mats and Coasters, Stitch-and-Stash Labels, Pretty Cat, Baby Bear & Mini Mouse, and delightful Woodland Sweater Skirt & Appliqué.

I hope that this guide will tempt you to crack out your needle and thread and brush up on your handsewing skills. Soon you will find there are many aspects of your projects that can be done by hand, which makes them more portable and social. You can do handsewing in any variety of settings. (I know a dedicated mother who followed her child's complete soccer season while handstitching on the sidelines.) Not only do you add creative time to your day, but you inspire others to do the same. Please feel free to forward this e-Book to a sewing friend or relative.

Happy stitching!



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