Embroidery + Modern = Modern Love

Irresistible Embroidered Bags

Embroidery + Modern = Modern Love

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Never gonna fall for
Modern Love walks beside me
Modern Love walks on by
Modern Love gets me to the church on time
– David Bowie Modern Love

Embroidery has been making a comeback lately as are all things handcrafted. When I think of hand embroidery I think of Brownie Troop 7685 and learning basic stitches from our fearless leader Miss Kellogg. I also remember taking my embroidery with me up to my family's summer cabin. I embroidered place mats, dish towels and other items. I fondly remember going into fabric stores and shopping for the beautiful colored embroidery floss.  A black wrapper held the silky floss together and it was fun picking out what colors I would use.

I don't get as much time to work on my embroidery as I did those endless summer days. But, I am very much in love with these bags from Artfully Embroidered and they may be just the thing to get me back at it.. The top bag is about 19" around and 10 inches high. I'm thinking of enlarging the pattern to make it more like a carpet bag.

And, these adorable metal frame bags! I have coveted these for a long time. Stitch Fall will have one in a similar fashion. These coin purses I need to have. They measure about 4"x4" and in the book there are three different variations that you can choose from. Darn they're cute though and would be great as a stash buster and for gift giving.

Those are the two that I want to sew and I'm searching for the perfect fabric for. It's going to be fun to go and look for embroidery floss again.

How about you? Do you embroider, what do you like to embroider? Let me know on the blog or Facebook!

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