Glamourous Pockets. Yes, It's True!

Who doesn't love (and need) a little glamour in their life? And pockets! We love (and need) pockets, too.

This was the pocket that started it all.
This rhinestone zipper is on deck for
the next glam-o-pocket.

If you're planning a little embellishment for your next project, turn your thoughts to the humble pocket.

In the course of my sewing life I have made my share of totes and bags. And almost always, I either add an extra pocket or two–or wish I had.

One day, when I was working out a fabric/thread/zipper combination, I made a separate little pocket as the test. (see picture at left) I didn't use it for anything at the time–it was just a test sample, after all. I put it in the catch-all drawers with other experiments.

But months later, two things occurred to me: 1) That sample pocket was ready to be sewn into the next tote I made. 2) It was really a very pretty little pocket.

These days, in the course of my sewing, I occasionally just make random pockets. I use some glittery zippers, leftover squares of fun prints, and other bits of glamour. When I'm getting to that point where the tote bag instructions say, "Add extra pockets if desired," I have the pockets ready to go.

And digging tollway change from a rhinestone pocket can be just the thing to add a little cachet to a Wednesday morning.

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Where do you add secret glitz to your sewing projects? Let us know.

Happy stitching,


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