Sneak Peek! Magical Lace, Often Mysterious

We have a guest this week! Below, Jeane Hutchins, editor-in-chief of PieceWork magazine gives us a sneak preview of the May/June 2012 PieceWork:

Learning about some of the people from the past who encouraged the development of various types of lace or depended on it for their livelihoods is the focus of the May/June 2012 issue of PieceWork, our fifth annual look at lace.


Bucks Point lace edging inspired by
lace on the cuffs of an 1843 wedding
bodice in the collection of the Avenir
Museum of Design and Merchandising,
Colorado State University, Fort Collins,
Colorado. Photograph by Joe Coca

Here are just a few of the intriguing people you’ll meet in this issue:

• Born in Germany in 1881, Margarete Naumann spent her life designing and promoting her remarkable hand-knotted lace that she named Margaretenspitze (Margarete’s lace).

• Tessie Leonard, who at eighty-nine still crochets by the window every day, remembers as a child making the clock embellishment in the water-lily motifs that her family worked in Clones Irish Crochet.

• World War I veteran Chester Ross Bentz, Sr., learned to tat at a Red Cross facility in Europe while awaiting transport back home after the Armistice. Tatting became a lifelong passion for Bentz, who designed and tatted a bedspread for each of his four sons. You’ll also discover reticella (Italian for “little net”), one of the oldest forms of needle lace; Depression Lace, cross-stitch embroidery worked on a gingham ground fabric with a wrapping technique borrowed from needle weaving that creates a lacy appearance; bobbin lace; and knitted lace. Lace is a perfect way to embellish something special—from a hankie to a blouse, from a ring bearer’s pillow to a wedding dress. I so hope you will enjoy PieceWork’s annual look at this magical substance called lace!


Jeane Hutchins


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