Add Some ’40s Flounce to Your Blouse

You can take a plain mandarin collar blouse from blah to adorable in just a few minutes with some easy pattern drafting. Here's how:

1) Draw a straight line on the front bodice from the mid-shoulder to a point on the center-front that is about 3 inches above the waistline. This will form a sort of triangle that encloses the front neckline, part of the shoulder and center front.

2) Trace the triangle onto a new piece of pattern paper.

A flounce collar sweetens
up a plain blouse.
Draw a line from shoulder to center front.

3) Divide the triangle into eight sections, numbering them from top to bottom. The more sections you have, the more flounce your collar will have. 

4) Cut the sections from the outer side to the center, leaving a small hinge at the center front and neckline.

5) Gently place the sections on a new piece of pattern paper. Spread them evenly, so that they look like a curved spine. The more you spread, the more flounce you will get.

6) Tape the sections down and draft in the new flounce piece. Add 1/4" to the side, neckline and center front and 1/2" to the shoulder seam.

7) This is your flounce. Cut two from your fashion fabric and match up the raw edges of the neckline, shoulder and center front of your front blouse pieces. Stitch and then add the collar and placket. Voila! You have a vintage-style flounce on your formerly plain Jane blouse!

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Spread the sections and
draft in your new collar.
Match up raw edges and sew.

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Happy stitching!

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