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Too Many Hobbies – Not Enough Time

imageplaceholder Jill Case
Online Editor, Sew Daily

It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life. – Julius Caesar

I've been sewing for a long time, not as long as some but long enough to declare it my number one passion. When people ask what other hobbies I engage in I tell them I like to make jewelery, knit, photography and I like to play the mandolin. I love listening to live music, hiking, hanging out at art museums. I also love to travel and have a trip planed to go to Indiana to visit a cute local fabric store called The French Seam. I combined my traveling fix with sewing! Nice.

Sewing is a fairly large hobby for me. Currently, it is spilling into the living room and a bit into my hallway. I sometimes (morbidly) think when I'm gone, my poor family, all that they will have to sort through!!  And, yes they will sort through it because I told them that I'm always hiding money in weird places. Kind of like placing little cash land mines through out the house.

I recently started machine embroidery. A friend generously gave me an embroidery machine and I'm having a fantastic time playing with it. I haven't created anything yet, I'm still learning about all the stabilizers, functions and what not. For the moment I'm learning the machine and using it on sample fabrics. But, I cannot wait to start embroidering on to garments. I have all sorts of plans going on in my head. So darn excited about it!

And, yes sewing is by far my number one hobby and I have a least four projects going on right now. Next, I have a knitting project, just one, that is about half way completed. With knitting I'm much more controlled. Beading and jewelery making is bit more complicated. Shopping for beads is quite fun and you really don't know the damage done until you get to the register. Plus, they're so small, surely I have room for them?


What I would love is to have is my beading out all the time. This way I could work on it whenever I fancy. Right now, I have to go into a small part of my cramped room and pull out a few boxes of beads, tools, etc.. What I really would like to try is making resin jewelery. I made one and, that's all it took to hook me. Plus, I'm working on a charm bracelet. Plus half a dozen other ideas all swirling around.

Now, that I'm talking about it I want to go home and bead. 

Life of a creative person, right? So, how many creative hobbies do you engage in? What is something you've always wanted to do but haven't tried? Let me know on the blog!

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About Jill

I am the Online Editor for Sew Daily and I am so incredibly excited to meet everyone here on this amazing sewing community!

My first passion is garment sewing, I love vintage sewing patterns and working with knits and silks. I also get very jazzed about sewing pants and love learning couture techniques. What about you? I can't wait to get started finding out more about you and what you like to sew.

8 thoughts on “Where Jill Takes On Another Hobby + How Many Hobbies Are Enough?

  1. You have described my life!! I took a break from sewing after neck surgery in 2012, and started knitting more. I am a professional beader–selling my knitter’s jewelry and stitch markers–and write patterns. I teach sewing, knitting, beading, small weaving, general crafting. My husband lets me visit shops on vacation.
    I just got hired at our local JoAnns. They are “thrilled” to have one teacher who can cover a bunch of curriculum. I had to give them a list of who to call to go through my things if something happens to me, so my husband doesn’t just chuck it all into the trash.
    I subscribe to so many of the _______daily emails that I have many messages everyday! [I also spin, just not well enough to teach it yet]
    You inspire me!!

  2. Sewing is my number one. I have sewn for over 25 years. My family has owned a fabric store for two generations, so it is in our blood.

    I used to knit, but there is no time anymore. I take my hand sewing with me whenever I am waiting for kid’s activities.

    There is never enough time to do all my sewing projects. I have probably 6 on the go right now.

    Cooking new dishes is number two.

  3. This sounds terribly, terribly familiar. I recently had to pack up my craft corner to make room for some remodeling, and I was thrown to find so many different things — supplies for sewing, embroidery, jewelry making, silk dye work, hair and hat embellishments, crochet, stencilling… I tried to organize as I packed, but it was hopeless! And now it’s packed away and I’m going crazy waiting to get it all out again. Luckily the dye supplies all went to the basement by the sink so I can find those.

    On top of everything else I’ve got a toy sitting there for me to play with: a Bondic plastic glue pen, which I suspect might make really cool freehand plastic embellishments…

  4. Oh, Jill, be careful! Do INTELLIGENT machine embroidery! I watched a Bernina owner sit looking bored while her machine stitched out an ugly gingerbread man that she could have outlined herself and guided the embroidery on my 930. To my mind, that is NOT creativity! For inspiration, go to Neiman-Marcus website and find Johnny Was. Those $225 silk tunics with perfect embroidery are the loveliest most delicious and appropriate sort of peasant blouse made modern. Zoom in and see the details. Drool! Then if you go to eBay and search on Heubach-Koppelsdorf, you’ll see beautiful sweet-faced dolls asking for heirloom-embroidered clothes and a 22″ baby doll can wear new-born size! As to beads, label carefully and keep them in size families in case you might want to do a project in which you need size uniformity. The beads are more valuable kept in families like that. Then again, you could throw all the hematite or silver or ruby in a bowl and have bead soup! Different strokes . . . Oh, my! Well, I believe in reincarnation. I was a seamstress in Paris through the French Revolution and I will come back and do something else. I think the skill and inspiration carry over. Enjoy!

  5. My life too, although the beading seems to stay out and take over the house, whilst the sewing machine and fabrics have to keep being put away.
    We recently moved house and my husband bought me a huge solid wood filing cabinet style set of drawers which is also full of my beading stash. I have also taken over the cupboard under the stairs which is full of card making stuff, my embossing machines my paints and canvases and my cameras oh and more beading stuff!!
    My sewing machine and cases of material live in my bedroom along with my cross stitch collection which is quite extensive also some of my card making and decoupage things are in there along with all my completed jewellery and lots of empty jewellery boxes still to be filled. It sounds like chaos but I’m actually a really tidy person and verging on OCD!!
    I am a fully qualified graphic designer but I had a spinal operation 3 years ago which sadly went wrong and has left me in constant severe pain, my crafty ways are all that keep me going, although now I only manage to make things for birthday and Christmas presents as sitting for any length of time is painful, which is why jewellery making has become my main craft as I can carry on with that lay on the sofa. I can’t bear to be doing nothing, I have to keep busy.
    My next task is to start crocheting, I haven’t done it since I was very young and I need a challenge and will carry on finding challenges until the day I die!!! Glitter glue runs in my veins!!!
    Keep on crafting!!!

    Julie Dudley

  6. I never realized how many of us suffer from this inablilty to see a new creative outlet and can’t resist the urge to try it. I have far too many now! I have managed to combine some of them into “multiple medium” projects like crocheted bracelets or necklaces with bead work added. That helps but my stock of supplies is outgrowing my space,

  7. My number one craft love is sewing too. However, I have knitted a few scarves. I am trying to learn how to crochet. And let’s not forget cooking and baking as other fun stuff I love to do! I hope that one day you show us a peek into your sewing space! And the beads look lovely!

  8. Sewing is my first hobby love too. I have knitted a couple of scarves. Crocheting is also something that I am trying to learn. And let’s not forget cooking and baking as other fun stuff that I love doing! I love the beads in the picture. I hope that one day you show us a peek into your sewing space!